Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd Birthday Wishes for Ethan!

Ethan, being your mommy is a joy and a privilege.  Your Daddy and I love you so very much!  Watching you grow up these past two years is bitter-sweet though, I am so happy that you are our sweet, healthy, curiously funny baby boy; but as I realize how fast two years have passed I am reminded that all too soon you will be grown with a family of your own.  The memories we make now, I will forever treasure; and hope that you do too.  (Even now as I write this you are eating cheetos and occasionally feeding me one then saying "It's GOOD!")  I just love our morning routine of snuggling as you wake up, eating breakfast with Daddy, then reading together for a bit.
Your limitless energy is keeping me on my toes, and your love for your baby brother makes my heart swell with pride over what a great big brother you are.  I love that you already have a concern for those around you.  When you think something is wrong, you are quick to ask "Alright?  Ok?"  Your love for Daddy is evident and I hope one day you grow up to be just like him, because he is following Jesus.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Buddy!  You are our priceless gift from God. 

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