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Elliot's 2nd Month

On Elliot's official second month birthday we went on his first picnic to the Carthage park!  Then later that week we took him and Ethan to the playground at Sonic (in Longview). Elliot loves to be outside and hear his big brother play and have a good time.  I think he can't wait to join in on all of the fun.  We are finally finding a good rhythm for our days.  It officially took me about two months to get into a schedule with our two boys, but it is so worth it!  For awhile I was against scheduling our days, but it gives such a sense of order and we still leave room for flexibility to visit with Daddy or have a play date.  I am so glad that I get to stay at home with our boys!  Thank you, Lord, for the two treasures that you have let us enjoy.

2nd Birthday Wishes for Ethan!

Ethan, being your mommy is a joy and a privilege.  Your Daddy and I love you so very much!  Watching you grow up these past two years is bitter-sweet though, I am so happy that you are our sweet, healthy, curiously funny baby boy; but as I realize how fast two years have passed I am reminded that all too soon you will be grown with a family of your own.  The memories we make now, I will forever treasure; and hope that you do too.  (Even now as I write this you are eating cheetos and occasionally feeding me one then saying "It's GOOD!")  I just love our morning routine of snuggling as you wake up, eating breakfast with Daddy, then reading together for a bit.
Your limitless energy is keeping me on my toes, and your love for your baby brother makes my heart swell with pride over what a great big brother you are.  I love that you already have a concern for those around you.  When you think something is wrong, you are quick to ask "Alright?  Ok?"  Your love for Da…

Recap of Ethan's 22nd & 23rd Months

I want to make sure and catch up on Ethan's "monthly progress reports" since the months of June and July have just flown by, and I have gotten behind.  June 12 our little man turned 22 months old. He participated in his first VBS- Rocky Point Lighthouse! Last year he was carefully observing everything.  this year, he loved all of it, but especially Music Time where he danced to "This Little Light of Mine" and game time outside. He did lots of coloring too which was a highlight. He's also been enjoying lots of soc-sickles with all of these above 100 degree days we've been having :) His favorite flavor is banana possibly because his favorite show is Curious George. He enjoys being outside as often as possible, and let's us know when he is due a play time in his pool.

 We took a trip to Houston the end of June with plans of taking him to the children's museum, but he became a Big brother on that fun trip! Ever since then he has just gr…

Granny & Elijah's Summer Visit

Granny Bebe and Elijah have been visiting with us this week to see Elliot for the first time and Ethan too.  We have been enjoying some time here at the Horton homestead.  Joshua and Elijah have been able to play some serious ball, catch up on video games at night, and just hang out.  The brotherly bond they share is awesome...I hope my boys are as close as they are one day.  I am so thankful that when they head home tomorrow, my laundry baskets will be empty and dishwasher will be too!  Granny Bebe has been a blessing helping me keep up with these two never ending tasks.  Definitely having both my mom and Joshua's mom has spoiled me this month in the cleaning department.

Ethan had his second 2nd Birthday celebration on Thursday night while they were here.  He got a Buzz and Curious George from Daddy and Mommy, a Thomas the train tent from Granny, and a Cars toy from Elijah. We celebrated with another cake which Ethan was very determined to eat early :)  Then after opening pre…