Poppa & Nana Visit Texas

Last week Poppa and Nana visited us all the way from North Carolina to see Ethan and  for the first time little Elliot.  We had a great time and Joshua, Poppa,& Ethan even enjoyed a boys day out to the Zoo, riding the train, and a first trip (for Ethan) to Five Guys.  I was able to get several things organized while they were here, nap when the boys did :), and they even kept up the washing (which is a huge blessing with a newborn).

Ethan celebrated his 2nd Birthday early enjoying "cake" aka Hershey Pie and presents.  This will be the first of a couple celebrations for our little man.  I can't believe that our first baby boy is going to be twenty-three months old Thursday.  He is still amazing me daily with new words; like cookoo clock tonight.  I love to hear him put sentences together.  He is talking so much these days.  He loves the water, and enjoying a new pool.  Being a toddler mom is so much fun!

Well, here are the pictures from Poppa & Nana's visit.  Enjoy.

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  1. i love the picture of you and your mom together! you two are beautiful inside and out! :-)


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