Houston, We're having a Baby!

Sleepy Brothers

Not another baby, might I add.  This is Elliot's birth story, and what a sense of humor our Creator has!  At thirty-seven and a half weeks preggo, Joshua and I decided to take one last little vacation, before Elliot arrived, only four hours from home to Houston.  We arrived in Houston, Thursday night for a Bible study with some friends around seven that evening.  It was so good to be reunited and share in the goodness of the Lord.  The plan was to do some shopping at Katy Mills and take Ethan to the Children's Museum on Friday, then end the day having dinner with Derek and Courtney.
Friends Audra & Mrs. Donna who watched Ethan for us.
Well, sweet little Elliot had other plans...at eleven that Thursday night what I thought was Braxton Hicks began with a sharp force.  Through the night they progressively got worse, and so I started googling if this was the "real thing" or not.  Since I was comparing this to Ethan's labor I still thought I was having false contractions throughout the night.  But by the next morning, I wasn't even in the mood to shop (the pain was 5-7 minutes apart), and only wanted to go back home.  So Joshua thought we should stop at the ER on the way home just to make sure we could make it back in time to have Elliot delivered at Good Shepherd Medical in Marshall, TX where our doctor is located. So the closest hospital on our GPS was Christus St. Catherine, and with the intense pain we decided that was the place for us!  We did manage to grab breakfast from the McDonald's drive-thru in the hospital parking lot before we arrived.  And as we were parking I love that Joshua asked, "Do we have to be Catholic to be here?"  (refer to hospital name above)  When we did get checked in and evaluated we found out that labor was definitely at the half-way point!  What a shock!!  The doctor on call definitely did not want us to drive four hours to Marshall, so he began preparing me for a quick delivery since Ethan was a Cesarean delivery too, he wasn't going to risk a VBAC.

Awaiting Elliot's Arrival
Just for the record, I was scared to death sick thinking about the spinal block ahead, the possible complications, who would be watching Ethan while I was in surgery, and that Joshua would be able to be with me in the Operating Room.  All these thoughts whirling through my mind, and a still small voice reminding me to "Cast all my cares upon Him, for he cares for me."  It brought peace to my worried soul, and the pieces began to come together.  God was so gracious to us in an unfamiliar place and an uncertain situation.  We were blessed to have two of our Houstonian friends volunteer to take Ethan to the cafeteria for lunch and watch him in the waiting room while I was in delivery.  They even bought Ethan balloons and cars; along with a teddy bear for Elliot! 

Our precious Elliot Christian was born on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 2:01 pm.  Praise the Lord, I was able to be awake and alert for the whole delivery!  What a miracle it was to hear his first cries, and see his tiny face for a few seconds before he was whisked away for evaluation.  Just half an hour later we were taking our first photo with our little Elliot in the OR while the procedure was being finished.  Seeing our new little man reminded me of my Heavenly Father's love for me.  The love that seemed to be flowing forth from my heart is the type of love God extends to each of his children.  There are no words to describe the love God plants within a Mother's heart.  The love seemed to multiply as I saw our new little bundle of joy for the first time.  During our pregnancy I wondered how I could love another child as I do our Ethan, but God does something to make that love grow and grow. 
So blessed to have good friends :)
Well, that was Part 1 of our Houston Adventure.  When I find more time to blog I'll try to post some other fun details from Elliot's birth week along with pictures.
Elliot being monitored for the first 20 hours.


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