Granny & Elijah's Summer Visit

Granny Bebe and Elijah have been visiting with us this week to see Elliot for the first time and Ethan too.  We have been enjoying some time here at the Horton homestead.  Joshua and Elijah have been able to play some serious ball, catch up on video games at night, and just hang out.  The brotherly bond they share is awesome...I hope my boys are as close as they are one day.  I am so thankful that when they head home tomorrow, my laundry baskets will be empty and dishwasher will be too!  Granny Bebe has been a blessing helping me keep up with these two never ending tasks.  Definitely having both my mom and Joshua's mom has spoiled me this month in the cleaning department.

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Ethan loved the water works at the Boardwalk
Ethan had his second 2nd Birthday celebration on Thursday night while they were here.  He got a Buzz and Curious George from Daddy and Mommy, a Thomas the train tent from Granny, and a Cars toy from Elijah. We celebrated with another cake which Ethan was very determined to eat early :)  Then after opening presents the boys all had a ball war!

Our family of four
We spent some time on the boardwalk in Shreveport.  I've been wanting to go to the boardwalk since our first trip to Louisiana back in November, so this was a fun first for us.  Definitely can not wait to go back when the weather is a bit cooler and the trolley is up and running!  Thankful for our families and the goodness of the Lord in our lives.


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