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Elliot's 1 Month old & Life Lately

Things have certainly been busy this first month of Elliot's life.  He has been such a little blessing to our family. We are so happy to finally have him to hold and love on!  Ethan is such a wonderful Big brother.  It's sad that I now look at him as my big boy, but forever I will have two babies.  Elliot is making so much progress and reminds me not to blink too long on a daily basis for this precious time with my toddler and infant is fleeting.  Enjoying the moment is how I would describe life lately.  God has been so good to our family and continues to prove himself time and again.  What a privilege it is to be a child of God! 

Just a quick update on what's been going on at First Church of Carthage lately:  Elliot went to his first church service at three weeks old last week.  And that same day, we were given the honor to participate in the Ordination service of one of our church members Bro. Jimmy Pyers who was called into the ministry of preaching about two years ag…

Houston, We're having a Baby!

Not another baby, might I add.  This is Elliot's birth story, and what a sense of humor our Creator has!  At thirty-seven and a half weeks preggo, Joshua and I decided to take one last little vacation, before Elliot arrived, only four hours from home to Houston.  We arrived in Houston, Thursday night for a Bible study with some friends around seven that evening.  It was so good to be reunited and share in the goodness of the Lord.  The plan was to do some shopping at Katy Mills and take Ethan to the Children's Museum on Friday, then end the day having dinner with Derek and Courtney.
Well, sweet little Elliot had other eleven that Thursday night what I thought was Braxton Hicks began with a sharp force.  Through the night they progressively got worse, and so I started googling if this was the "real thing" or not.  Since I was comparing this to Ethan's labor I still thought I was having false contractions throughout the night.  But by the next morning, …

Poppa & Nana Visit Texas

Last week Poppa and Nana visited us all the way from North Carolina to see Ethan and  for the first time little Elliot.  We had a great time and Joshua, Poppa,& Ethan even enjoyed a boys day out to the Zoo, riding the train, and a first trip (for Ethan) to Five Guys.  I was able to get several things organized while they were here, nap when the boys did :), and they even kept up the washing (which is a huge blessing with a newborn).

Ethan celebrated his 2nd Birthday early enjoying "cake" aka Hershey Pie and presents.  This will be the first of a couple celebrations for our little man.  I can't believe that our first baby boy is going to be twenty-three months old Thursday.  He is still amazing me daily with new words; like cookoo clock tonight.  I love to hear him put sentences together.  He is talking so much these days.  He loves the water, and enjoying a new pool.  Being a toddler mom is so much fun!

Well, here are the pictures from Poppa & Nana's visit.  …

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