Three years of Happily Ever After

"You may now kiss the bride!" Woohoo!!!
  *Warning this is lovey dovey and sappy*  :-)

And they lived "happily ever after."  All of my favorite princess stories growing up ended with that same line, Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Thumbelina, Rapunzel, and Snow White.  Each with the similar theme of the prince and princess riding off into the sunset leaving the reader (or dvd viewer) in suspense of the rest of their story.  Well, I may not be a princess, but my favorite of all love stories is my own!  From before I was born, God was scripting the sweetest fairy tale ever; and the best part is I don't have to wonder how it turns out!  I know WHO is in control of the "Happily Ever After" which I have been already living for three wonderful years.

Always making me laugh.
3 +1 =4
So like most brides, the excitement of the wedding day was magical and passed in a blur.   The one day I had "waited for my whole life" was over before I could realize it, but I do remember "riding off into the sunset" with wild eyed anticipation and excitement over the future that God had in store for us.   Never could I have imagined where God would have led us to (Texas of all places...LOL) and that we would have one precious boy with another on the way in a month!  God sure does have a sense of humor, for the girl who said she wanted to wait five years to have children, we found out we were expecting our first after five months of married bliss.  And in case you are wondering I wouldn't have it any other way!  I love my boys (all three of them) with all my heart!
My prince charming

First family of three photo
God has blessed me beyond measure with an amazing Christian, God honoring husband.  I am so thankful that his one true desire is to serve our Savior whenever, wherever, and however He may lead us.  I love that he keeps us laughing like all the time!  He doesn't tire of new jokes.  He is a great chef, and I am spoiled in the kitchen; at dinner time- he cooks and I clean!  I love this arrangement!  Yes, God is great and I am so glad that he chose to give me the most wonderful man in the world, Joshua Nathanael Horton.


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