More Father's Day Wishes

There are two more special men in my life whom I'd like to wish a long distance Happy Father's Day. To my wonderful, amazing Daddy in North Carolina and to my Granddaddy in Heaven.

I wish we could see you more often, and we think about you alot.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we follow God's will! I am so thankful for our phone conversations where you fill me in on what's happening in Goldsboro and then listen as I give you the down load from here. Our talks make me feel that much closer to you.  You have been a great example of my Heavenly Father's love and your calm steadfastness is an inspiration to me. I love you and miss you, but am grateful we get to see you in just a couple more weeks :) So until then pretend I'm giving you a really big hug and know that I would do it myself if I could!  Thank you for also being an awesome Papa to Ethan and soon to Elliot.  Ethan is literally going to have a ball playing with you soon.

It's our first Father's Day without you here. I can't believe it has almost been half a year since you graduated to heaven. You are better off now than you've ever been.
But that doesn't keep me from thinking about you each day when I open my journal the "Old Rugged Cross" bookmark stays. Or when I call your house expecting you to pickup the line. With a chuckle in your voice telling me the pecans are just fine.
Each time I make sweet tea I steep it a bit longer to get the color and the flavor a little stronger. Because I still remember the meal we laughed about my brown sugar water. Yes now each pot I brew a wee bit hotter.
So with a sigh and a tear I wish you a Happy Father's Day and though selfishly dream you back here I'm so glad that in Heaven you stay. I love and miss you!


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