Mexican Rice & Josh the Builder

 What you need: White rice, Oil, Rotel, Chicken broth, Tomato sauce, Garlic powder, Onion powder, and Cumin powder (water if needed).

 My friend Diana is a wonderful cook!  She showed me how to make the rice and gave me several other great recipes while here.
Her Method: (1) Brown the rice in a teaspoon of oil.
(2) Once rice is browned add chicken broth, small can of tomato sauce, and three tablespoons of Rotel.
(3) Let simmer and add the rest of the spices.  If needed add water so that rice is covered.
(4) Allow to cook until tender and liquid has evaporated.  Do NOT stir.
(5) Enjoy!
It was just amazing!
Joshua really enjoyed it!

After dinner, Joshua started to work on building the boys a toy box!
He scripted the boys names into the wood.



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