Teacup memories

Waking up to the sound of clanging pans, my small feet wandered into the kitchen greeted by a welcome aroma of homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. Bacon would be sizzling and eggs were being scrambled. If I woke before the first pans clanged I would see her at the dinner table pouring over her Bible with such tenderness and sipping black coffee out of a Correlle teacup. Some mornings I would see her with head bowed, and if I listened closely could hear this precious saint call each of her children and grandchildren's names in prayer.

When she finished she would pull another teacup from her cabinet and carefully pour me a cup of "coffee" (CocaCola) so we could sit on her porch and talk. I remember many of our subjects being God's will, boys, and missions. She would listen intently and daintily sip her coffee from her porcelain teacup. Then almost without fail remind me of God's words in Proverbs 3:5-6.

I can remember on many later visits looking down her hallway at the high school graduation photos of my older cousins and thinking that mine would be up there soon. The Lord had other plans and allowed my sweet Nana to have her ultimate Graduation day only a few months before my high school graduation in November of 2004. A day doesn't pass that a memory of her flashes through my mind; especially when I sit at my own kitchen table with Bible close and a teacup full of hot tea.


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