Memorial Day & 21 Months of fun!

Oh how I love Joshua's off days!  This weeks just happened to fall on Memorial Day.  We enjoyed spending time together as a family in Longview- going out to eat and doing a little bit of shopping.  We are so thankful for each member of our armed services defending our freedom and those who have paid the ultimate price.  We are also proud of our marine from right here at First FWB Private Kara Barr, who is currently serving in Jacksonville, NC.  It's days like today that really make me miss my Granddaddy.  He would tell of his time in service and especially overseas in Germany and a road trip he and a buddy took into Austria (where most of the sound of Music was filmed.  I always loved watching that movie with him and he would be able to recount stories from many of the sites in the movie.)  With out fail, his favorite story was that of how he was introduced to my Memaw on a blind date, and he knew from that moment she was the girl he would marry.  Such precious memories.

Riding the boat in the mall

It's "Blue Clues"!

He loves his watermelon :)

Cheesin' with Mommy!

First taste of chocolate chip pizza (Aunt Bec would have been proud!)
What a handsome Big Brother!
Well, this post is a little bit late since Ethan is almost 22 months old, but I wanted to record some of his milestones from this month.  He continues to say and learn new words.  His big accomplishment this month is putting two, three, and four word sentences together.  Just today as I retrieved a car from the laundry for him, he went to play with it but ran back to me just minutes later and said, "Thank You, Mama!"  After I said, "you're welcome" he would come back and continue to say, "Thank you, Mama!"  He is so precious!  Another example of his preciousness is whenever he hears a sneeze, his response is, "Bless You!"  I love being his Mama.  He is trying all kinds of new foods and loves noodles, bananas, watermelon, grapes, bread, cookies, and well the list is too long to write out.
With Meghan another preggo mama at First FWB!  Her lil' man is due August 10.
It is hard to believe that this pregnancy is almost complete.  Only four more weeks to go until we get to meet our little Elliot Christian!  I am so excited!  First, to hold our precious boy.  Second, to see how Ethan reacts to his new brother.  Third, to get a good portion of this "watermelon" off of my midsection :-)  We are so grateful for a healthy pregnancy thusfar.  God is so good.


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