Three Special Ladies

There are three special women in my life, 
Who have taught me to be a better mom and wife.
There names all start with the letter "M"
To show my gratitude where do I begin?

Memaw, You have been an inspiration to me,
Through your walk with the Lord and love for your family.
You sacrifice your needs to put our wants before your own,
I have learned so much from each lesson seed you have sown.

Maye, I am thankful for the godly son that you raised,
The way you have trained up your boys should be praised.
You taught them that their Heavenly Father was more than enough,
He is the One we should depend on when the "going gets rough."

Momma, I am thankful that God chose to give you to me
For I have been able to watch you since I was old enough to see
That Christ must always be the center of each day,
And striving to please Him in everything is the best way.

So Momma, Memaw, and Maye today I honor you
For all the little and big things that you daily do
To take care of your precious family,
Even though it feels like we are across the country.

Happy Mother's and Grandmother's Day!
Love and prayers,
 Joshua, Stephanie, Ethan & Elliot


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