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Memorial Day & 21 Months of fun!

Oh how I love Joshua's off days!  This weeks just happened to fall on Memorial Day.  We enjoyed spending time together as a family in Longview- going out to eat and doing a little bit of shopping.  We are so thankful for each member of our armed services defending our freedom and those who have paid the ultimate price.  We are also proud of our marine from right here at First FWB Private Kara Barr, who is currently serving in Jacksonville, NC.  It's days like today that really make me miss my Granddaddy.  He would tell of his time in service and especially overseas in Germany and a road trip he and a buddy took into Austria (where most of the sound of Music was filmed.  I always loved watching that movie with him and he would be able to recount stories from many of the sites in the movie.)  With out fail, his favorite story was that of how he was introduced to my Memaw on a blind date, and he knew from that moment she was the girl he would marry.  Such precious memories.


Elliot's Baby Shower

We were so generously blessed by our church family on Sunday night when they gave us a baby shower for Elliot Christian!  Our sweet WAC ladies beautifully decorated the fellowship hall, made punch, and got an adorable teddy bear cake (perfect since the boys room is in teddies).  The ladies of our church also provided a delicious meal of subs, pizza, jalapeno bacon wraps, fruit, chips and other wonderful yummies.  This preggo and Elliot definitely had their fill (must take advantage of eating anything I want while I still can!).

I just want to thank all of our sweet church families for the very cute and useful gifts for our new lil' man.  We appreciate each thoughtful gift and enjoyed the good time of fellowship.  We love you!

Texas Road Trip

Monday: travel to San Antonio--CHECK!
Tuesday: we went to see the Alamo and the River Walk; since it rained that morning we sought refuge in the Children's Museum.  Ethan had a ball (literally).  After the museum we drove to Corpus Christi and ate at Mr. Gatti's.  It was the exact same restaurant that Joshua's parents would take him and his brother went to while they lived in the area.
Wednesday: we visited Padre Island and took Ethan to the beach.  It was perfect, especially since it was deserted until people got off of work.  It was so fun to watch him play in the sand with his cars, bucket, and shovel.  We went to a couple of beach shops, a park, and  afterward then got some Marble Slab Ice cream, and had a hot dog picnic!  It was so much fun!!!

Thursday: we packed up and did a little shopping, then fed the seagulls at dolphin park on the beach!  We went and got hamburgers and had another picnic outside of the Goldsboro equivalent to Central Park.  Then drove on over t…

Teacup memories

Waking up to the sound of clanging pans, my small feet wandered into the kitchen greeted by a welcome aroma of homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. Bacon would be sizzling and eggs were being scrambled. If I woke before the first pans clanged I would see her at the dinner table pouring over her Bible with such tenderness and sipping black coffee out of a Correlle teacup. Some mornings I would see her with head bowed, and if I listened closely could hear this precious saint call each of her children and grandchildren's names in prayer.

When she finished she would pull another teacup from her cabinet and carefully pour me a cup of "coffee" (CocaCola) so we could sit on her porch and talk. I remember many of our subjects being God's will, boys, and missions. She would listen intently and daintily sip her coffee from her porcelain teacup. Then almost without fail remind me of God's words in Proverbs 3:5-6.

I can remember on many later visits looking down her hall…

Three Special Ladies

There are three special women in my life,  Who have taught me to be a better mom and wife. There names all start with the letter "M" To show my gratitude where do I begin?
Memaw, You have been an inspiration to me, Through your walk with the Lord and love for your family. You sacrifice your needs to put our wants before your own, I have learned so much from each lesson seed you have sown.
Maye, I am thankful for the godly son that you raised, The way you have trained up your boys should be praised. You taught them that their Heavenly Father was more than enough, He is the One we should depend on when the "going gets rough."
Momma, I am thankful that God chose to give you to me For I have been able to watch you since I was old enough to see That Christ must always be the center of each day, And striving to please Him in everything is the best way.
So Momma, Memaw, and Maye today I honor you For all the little and big things that you daily do To take care of your preci…

Granny Bebe & Lij Visit TX

This past Thursday night Granny Bebe and Uncle Lij (the Buddy) flew in from North Carolina. Joshua, Elijah, and Ethan enjoyed playing lots and lots of ball (baseball, football, and basketball).  Ethan even taught them some new ball games with his new "bubble" ball.
Of course no trip to Carthage is complete without eating some of the best pizza in town at Millano's! (I think I got a bit excited about it...LOL)
 It's always great to have family down for a visit.  We are glad that Granny Bebe and Elijah were able to come and stay with us for a few days. Granny Bebe took tons of pictures with her new camera while she was here...that is definitely her hobby.  The smilebox below is just a sample of the ones she took this week.  I think she left with well over seven hundred pictures and lots of video footage.  I'm pretty sure she is intending to make a shutterfly photo book when she gets home. Picture slideshow customized with Smilebox