Trip to Caldwell Zoo

Praise the Lord, for the beautiful weather He gave us for our youth trip to the zoo in Tyler today!!!  We are also grateful for the ten kiddos and seven parents who went with us on this excursion.  We enjoyed a picnic lunch before heading into the zoo and then had a great time exploring the exhibits.  We didn't know they would be celebrating Earth Day today, but each child was able to take home a Tropical Candlelight tree, sunflower seeds (to plant), and a rubber duck. 

Ethan was even more fun to watch today, since our first zoo trip; he has been intrigued by all of his animal toys and books.  He adores the Lion King movie, and so his favorite animal was definitely the lion exhibit.  When we walked away to keep up with our group, he ran back to watch them some more.  I think his next favorite was a tie between the penguin swimming and petting the billy goats.  It was such a great day with my boys.  I'm so thankful that my Joshua was the official bookbag carrier, and Ethan rounder :)  He is so amazing! Here's a few photos from our trip! Hope you enjoy!
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