Celebrating His Resurrection

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Reflecting on the life of Christ has been on our hearts and minds this week.  How a righteous, holy God could take the sin of the world upon His shoulders and lay his life down.  Praise His name that is was ending of the story, and on Easter Sunday the beginning occurred as He was victorious over death, hell, and the grave!

What a blessing to be with our church family and sing His praises, reflect on his blessings, mercy, and grace.  We were excited by the extra attenders in the morning service.  How I wish each Sunday could be the same.  The excitement of going to God's house, reflecting, fellowshipping, and enjoying the new mercies of the Lord.  It seems like all to easily we can get in a rut of worship.  We are in church singing, praying, listening to the Word, and fellowshipping all with a smile on our face.  But is the excitement there each week?  It can be!  I pray we never lose the wonder of the Resurrection of Christ, and his sacrifice for us.

I'm reminded of my childhood Pastor's favorite song in which it states, "How can I do less than give my best, and live for Him completely?  After all He's done for me!"  What a good theme for our lives and a good tune to focus our minds on the One who is worthy.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday.  God is good all the time. 


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