What's in a name?

It's funny how when choosing Ethan's name, it just seemed to click and we didn't really question it.  But this time, we were stuck on a little girl name and still tossing a few boy names around.  We decided to name our new lil' man after two men we admire, and can't wait to hug and hold our precious
Elliot Christian Horton.

Elliot, we pray that you are saved at a young age from a life of sin, and choose to follow Christ like the two men whom you are named after.  We pray you have a boldness to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus to all you meet as missionary Jim Elliot did.  And whether or not you are called to preach, we pray your life is one of pouring out for others.  As you grow we believe that you will develop into a leader of whatever profession and ministry God calls you to.  After all the Christian's calling is to be a little Christ and become his hands and feet in this world.  We love you and are so excited to be your mommy and daddy, and for you to meet your big brother Ethan.  We hope that you two will be the best of friends.  (Although I'm sure that there will be some knock-down drag outs) I look forward to watching you play and learn and grow up together.


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