Nana's Visit to Texas

 Nana came for a visit last week, and we really did enjoy her!  It was so sweet to pick her up at the airport with Ethan waving and smiling so big.  After getting hugs from Nana, he asked "Where's Papa?"  Since he teaches high school we'll have to wait for him to visit when baby Elliot is born. 
 Nana took some sweet pictures of Ethan while she was here.  On Sunday he looked like such a little man!
 She made home made donuts for breakfast one on Monday morning, and as you can see Ethan loved them!  After only a couple bites, the plate of powdered sugar was all over him.
 I really enjoyed taking her to tea on Monday, and showing her downtown Carthage.
 Thank you, Nana, for helping get the boys nursery organized and ready for baby Elliot!  Having his baby clothes washed and put away, and knowing where all of the baby stuff is makes a huge difference.  I feel so much more prepared for his arrival now, and know that the bigger he (we) get; the less I'll be wanting to do.  I'm preparing for a hot Texas summer. 


  1. So precious! I know you enjoyed your Mom. It makes me think of Mother coming out to y'all and visiting. I know she sure enjoyed those times with y'all. Love you and thank you so much for the pictures.

    Aunt Sheryl

  2. Precious!
    ~Aunt Connie


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