Grump with a Bump :)

Twenty-six weeks down, 14 more to go! Only three more months until we meet our new lil' guy, and we can hardly wait!  We bought his pack 'n play last week in Dallas after we took my Mom to the airport.  The nursery is almost ready, and Ethan is giving my tummy love. 

You mommas out there need no explanation for this post title.  But just to clarify, I'm not 100% grumpy (I hope), just momentary glitches :) I guess a sore back and swelling everything can do that to you.  Not to mention that I'm in "need" of chocolate and Krispie Kremes (which are not to be found anywhere close by).  Seriously, I just thought this a funny title, so here goes...

Praise the Lord, for a healthy and mostly happy pregnancy thus far.  While I'm blogging, just wanted to share a story from today.  This morning as we were getting ready, Joshua asked me to pray for him because he didn't feel as ready as usual for the message he was about to share.  Not knowing how to reply I said, "Well, if it's not good, just blame yourself. But if it's powerful, then just praise the Lord."  Since I spent the first half of the worship hour in the nursery, I didn't know what had been said before I came in later.  But as our church family exited the sanctuary, shaking Joshua's hand, each one said "Praise the Lord!"  Haha.  I love Sundays!


  1. I should have mentioned that God really did use my husband's message this morning. Praise the Lord! It was a much needed message on eternal investments.


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