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Grump with a Bump :)

Twenty-six weeks down, 14 more to go! Only three more months until we meet our new lil' guy, and we can hardly wait!  We bought his pack 'n play last week in Dallas after we took my Mom to the airport.  The nursery is almost ready, and Ethan is giving my tummy love. 

You mommas out there need no explanation for this post title.  But just to clarify, I'm not 100% grumpy (I hope), just momentary glitches :) I guess a sore back and swelling everything can do that to you.  Not to mention that I'm in "need" of chocolate and Krispie Kremes (which are not to be found anywhere close by).  Seriously, I just thought this a funny title, so here goes...

Praise the Lord, for a healthy and mostly happy pregnancy thus far.  While I'm blogging, just wanted to share a story from today.  This morning as we were getting ready, Joshua asked me to pray for him because he didn't feel as ready as usual for the message he was about to share.  Not knowing how to reply I sai…

Zoo Trip

On Joshua's birthday, he took us to the Lufkin zoo.  It was Ethan's first trip and he was making all kinds of animal sounds.  He just loved the lions, monkeys, and chasing the peacocks.  One of his favorites of the day (besides eating the ranch and chips at Chili's) was the Z&OO Railroad.  He was too adorable saying "CHOO CHOO!" down the track.

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Nana's Visit to Texas

Nana came for a visit last week, and we really did enjoy her!  It was so sweet to pick her up at the airport with Ethan waving and smiling so big.  After getting hugs from Nana, he asked "Where's Papa?"  Since he teaches high school we'll have to wait for him to visit when baby Elliot is born. 
 Nana took some sweet pictures of Ethan while she was here.  On Sunday he looked like such a little man!
 She made home made donuts for breakfast one on Monday morning, and as you can see Ethan loved them!  After only a couple bites, the plate of powdered sugar was all over him.
 I really enjoyed taking her to tea on Monday, and showing her downtown Carthage.  Thank you, Nana, for helping get the boys nursery organized and ready for baby Elliot!  Having his baby clothes washed and put away, and knowing where all of the baby stuff is makes a huge difference.  I feel so much more prepared for his arrival now, and know that the bigger he (we) get; the less I'll be wanting to d…

Another Year Older

My Joshua has officially surpassed the quarter of a century mark...he turned 26 today.  I wanted to take a moment to wish my Gentle Giant a very Happy Birthday!  I sure am looking forward to spending the day with him; it worked out well that his birthday and off day coincided! 
Joshua, Each day is an adventure and I'm enjoying each as they come.  What a fun filled year it has been with many changes and a wonderful new addition to our family! (two additions if you count Pup Pup)  I love you more and more each passing day.  You are an amazing husband and wonderful Father.  Happy 26th Birthday!

Family Photos

Well, this will probably be the last studio photos we have taken as a family of three.  I sure do love my boys!  Hope you enjoy this sneak peek of Ethan's 18 month photos.

What's in a name?

It's funny how when choosing Ethan's name, it just seemed to click and we didn't really question it.  But this time, we were stuck on a little girl name and still tossing a few boy names around.  We decided to name our new lil' man after two men we admire, and can't wait to hug and hold our precious
Elliot Christian Horton.
Elliot, we pray that you are saved at a young age from a life of sin, and choose to follow Christ like the two men whom you are named after.  We pray you have a boldness to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus to all you meet as missionary Jim Elliot did.  And whether or not you are called to preach, we pray your life is one of pouring out for others.  As you grow we believe that you will develop into a leader of whatever profession and ministry God calls you to.  After all the Christian's calling is to be a little Christ and become his hands and feet in this world.  We love you and are so excited to be your mommy and daddy, and for you to meet …

It's a...

We had a great 24 week check up today.  Baby Horton had a heart rate of 153 bpm today. We are so thankful for a healthy little one :)  We are still deciding on a name, so we'll post when his name is determined!