Photo Update

Ethan had his first cream puff last Sunday!

Then on Monday, the sweet lady at Dairy Queen gave him, his OWN slushie!

 We love off days with Daddy!  Joshua treated us to slushies at DQ, and Ethan thought he was big stuff slurping down his very own!
 He loves coloring.  Especially on his Crayola Music Maker. 
 We made a trip to Lufkin, for Joshua to trade his truck in.  He (and we) were thrilled that he was able to get a Ford F150 king cab.  That bench seat sure is nice!  While we were there we stopped at the Dollar tree and Ethan thought he and Daddy needed matching hats.  They are just so cute!
 This Wednesday we were officially 22 weeks preggo!  Only 18 more weeks to go until we meet our precious little one!  Baby is becoming pretty active.  I love cuddling with Ethan and the baby will kick, so he points and says, "Baby!!!"  He also loves giving the baby love-he will lay his head on my tummy and rub the baby!
Daisy and Pup-pup had their first Texas Doctors appointments.  Ethan has officially changed Naomi's name to Pup-pup.  At this point if we change her name I think it will only confuse her.  So Pup-pup it is!


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