Church Update

We've been in Carthage for two months now and I am excited about the things that are going on.  The church purchased a van two weeks ago and the first Sunday we ran the route eleven kids came.  The next Sunday thirteen kids and one mom came to church.  Mrs. Mary Curry owns a daycare in town and has been instrumental in inviting many of our riders and encouraging their parents to send them to church.  We hope and pray that one day many of their parents will join them in services, but more importantly in the Family of God.  We are excited about the visitors we have had the last month.  Some are a result of the toy drive we held a couple weeks before Christmas, some from visits, the faithful invitation from church members, and I met one couple in my doctor's office.  We are excited about the potential growth for First Free Will Baptist Church.

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Tomorrow night we will have our second Bible Study that Joshua has entitled Pilgrim's Progress.  He plans to go through the Bible and key topics and events on a more in depth level.  We were very encouraged when fifteen people attended the first study.  We hope not only to see numerical growth, but a deeper growth in the knowledge of God's Word.  It was exciting to have one of the couples say they would like to see the study done in peoples homes as well as at the church.  So we are hoping to host it at the church once a month and someone's home once a month.  Having the Bible study the second and fourth Friday of each month.

 Last Friday was a fun time of fellowship and singing songs of praise.  Many showed up ready to sing and some brought their instruments (we had a harpsichord, guitars, harmonica, and bass players).
Our prayer is that church attendance and unity would grow and multiply so that God would be glorified and His Kingdom increase.  Thank you for your love and prayers.


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