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Free Prints from

I usually don't post coupons and online codes on our blog, but I was so excited about getting FREE prints of Ethan's 15 month portraits I couldn't help myself.  Joshua and I use frequently when purchasing online to find coupon codes.  So as I was ordering from I already had a coupon for $1 8X10s which is fantastic, but when I checked online, I found codes for five free prints plus a free 10X13.

Church Update

We've been in Carthage for two months now and I am excited about the things that are going on.  The church purchased a van two weeks ago and the first Sunday we ran the route eleven kids came.  The next Sunday thirteen kids and one mom came to church.  Mrs. Mary Curry owns a daycare in town and has been instrumental in inviting many of our riders and encouraging their parents to send them to church.  We hope and pray that one day many of their parents will join them in services, but more importantly in the Family of God.  We are excited about the visitors we have had the last month.  Some are a result of the toy drive we held a couple weeks before Christmas, some from visits, the faithful invitation from church members, and I met one couple in my doctor's office.  We are excited about the potential growth for First Free Will Baptist Church.

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Tomorrow night we will have our second Bible Study that Joshua has entitled Pilgrim's Pro…

My Big Boy

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Here's just a few new photos of my Big Boy! I am so proud of him and love being his mommy! And if I haven't already mentioned it, he has the best Daddy in the whole wide world! He anticipates his homecoming and hates to see him walk out the door to go to the office to study. I love life with my boys!


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Our little man turned 17 months old yesterday!  I can't believe that he's getting so big...he is saying new words all the time and trying new things.  He just amazes me.  Some of his new words are Abby (from Sesame Street), Devni (his new friend at church), lights, moon, sky, fish, meow (cat), pup pup, and dog and these are just a few.  He climbs on everything, read, take baths, play ball (and score!), and dance!

I just love staying at home with this little man!

Baby Bump Photo

Baby Horton 2 at fifteen weeks. We have our first appointment with Dr. Miller today. The joy of hearing her say everything looks good is beyond description.  We heard the baby's heartbeat for seconds at a time because he/or she was doing somersaults.  We even got to see them during an in office ultrasound so she could see the heartbeat for herself.  What another wonderful surprise to see this little one again!  God is so good to me.

Baby Horton 2

We had our first prenatal appointment today at Dr. Miller's office.  We thought we were just going in for lab work, but they also scheduled us for a sonogram!  We got to hear our precious baby's heartbeat (159 bpm), and see him/or her moving, kicking, and what looked like waving!  How beautiful and exciting is new birth, and seeing it from Ethan's perspective was even more precious.  He went with us and after we got him still, he looked at the sonogram and said, "BABY!"

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First Haircut

It was about time, but I sure do love those precious curls.  Ethan had his first haircut on November 30 during his bath time.  I just did a little trim so that the back of his hair was not so long, then later trimmed his bangs.  We'll go have his hair professionally cut later.

December Picture Update

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December was a fun and busy month!  Josh took me to a nice Italian restaurant for my 25th birthday and to hear Keith & Kristyn Getty in Dallas!  Ethan received his first car from Nana & Pops.  We hosted a C3 Toy Drive at church and were so excited to be able to help twenty-five children have Christmas presents to open.  Two families also visited church as a result of the toy drive.  Our new friends Chad & Emily Nations hosted a lovely Christmas party, and we enjoyed the annual parade with the Jones & Allan families. 

Then we went to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with our parents and to say goodbye to my Granddaddy.  It was definitely a sad and different Christmas this year without him sitting in his chair with his big jolly grin, but I'm so glad that God gives joy despite our circumstances.  Granddaddy is well and not fighting cancer anymore and that is something to be thankful for.  Knowing I'll see the twinkle in his eyes …