Getty's in Dallas!!

 On Thursday, Joshua (the most amazing husband ever!) took me to Dallas to see my cousin Heather and hear Keith & Kristyn Getty in Concert!   Other that the horrible Dallas traffic, which we incredibly underestimated, it was an amazing night! 

My Lil' Texan

Loved Spending time with my gorgeous "sister" Heather!
Getty's in Concert!!!!!
Singing "In Christ Alone"

Talking with Keith Getty while he signed our cd

After Concert Irish Gig-the band is amazing!
Keith and Kristyn Getty are modern hymn-writers who have penned and collaborated with Stuart Townsend "In Christ Alone," "The Power of the Cross," and many other powerful worship hymns used world wide.  They have just recently released: Joy- An Irish Christmas CD.  Click here to view their webpage, hear and read lyrics, and see their tour schedule.


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