New Beginnings

On November 17, our family transitioned to the ministry of First FWB Church in Texas where Joshua is serving as pastor.  We are excited and humbled by this new ministry opportunity and responsibility.  God has been so good each step of the way in directing our paths, and giving us such precious people to minister alongside with.  We are excited about all that God has in store for us and our new church family.

Please, continue to pray for us as we are in the midst of unpacking and morning (all day) sickness abounds.  Our little bundle will arrive sometime mid summer, and we suspect we are 8-9 weeks pregnant.  We will officially find out on December 13 when we have our first prenatal appointment.

Pictures to come soon.  We are currently borrowing the church computer and internet.  So when we get dsl at our house this week, we will be able to share pictures!


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