Prayer Request

Me & My Granddaddy
Precious Granddaddy
Please, remember my Granddaddy (Momma's Daddy) in your prayers.  We found out a week ago today that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his lungs and lymph nodes.  This Wednesday he will be going to have a procedure on his lymph node and another biopsy to diagnose if the cancer is malignant or benign.  We are praying for a good report, but trust that whatever the outcome is God controls all healing.  Whether here on earth or in heaven.
Joshua with Granddaddy & Memaw

Momma (Steph's)  with her Daddy and Grandbaby

My Granddaddy is the sweetest man you will ever know.  He loves people, loves to joke and laugh, and never meets a stranger!  He is known around NewBern as the Pecan man because of his at home business of selling, cracking, and shelling pecans.  One of my childhood memories of spending time with Granddaddy was sitting on the swing with him as he would sing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."  While skyping him last week, he sang that same tune to my baby boy.
I love you Granddaddy and always will!

Granddaddy holding hands with his Great Grandson


  1. Thanks for all of your prayers and this request for prayers from your church family. Surgery is scheduled for 4:00 tomorrow afternoon (Wed 2nd) Love you Memaw

  2. So sorry about your Granddad! But God is in control! I will pray that all goes well and we know that God is in the healing business. The pictures are so sweet!
    Love y'all so much!
    Aunt Sheryl

  3. Hey guys!! Hope you are doing well! Just wanted to let Steph know we are thinking of your grandpa today. We serve an awesome and mighty God that is the ultimate healer and I firmly believe HE will give your grandpa that special healing touch he needs. We love you! Give Ethan kissies from us and please let us know how things go today with the surgery and if there is anything we can do. :-)

    Ashley H. Stroud


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