Our church celebrated its 193rd Anniversary on Sunday.  What a sweet celebration of faith, family, and friends.  Bro. Rick Cason, who pastored at Bethany from 1987-1994, delivered the Homecoming message with One Focus Trio bringing the special music.  What a wonderful sight to see the overflow rooms to the side of the auditorium being used as three hundred people were in attendance that blessed day.  As we enjoyed lunch on the grounds my mind replayed fond memories I have of our church family and friends.  Such as my first visit to Florence when Joshua and I were engaged, and I came to chaperone a trip to the circus!  Or a couple months later I visited again for a bridal shower.  Then for our wedding a van load came up to celebrate our special day with us.  While we were on our honeymoon, the "cleaning crew" came in and spruced up our home sweet home!

Senior Meetings to the zoo and the Santee river are definitely fond memories,  along with three junior camp weeks and three teen conferences.  Ethan's baby shower and the precious church family who visited us after his birth were all replayed in my mind.  Yes, homecoming is a special time of reflection for me.

That same day my home church Faith FWB in Goldsboro, NC celebrated their 50th anniversary service proceeded with a Jubilee Revival with all of the preachers originally coming out of Faith. We would have loved to be there celebrating this exciting miestone and seeing friends and loved ones, but are very glad we were able to share this special day with our church family here!

When I think of Homecoming days I am reminded of the true HOMEGOING that we as Christians all have awaiting us!  How exciting it will be to walk through the pearly gates and down the streets of gold.  Admiring Heaven's splendor and interviewing the Saints who have gone before us.  But most of all we will behold our precious and loving SAVIOR, Jesus Christ face to face.  We will have the opportunity to praise Him forevermore and partake in the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Yes, what a Homecoming celebration is awaiting us!


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