Cutie Patootie's Visit with Nana & Pops

CLICK HERE to view cutie patootie dancing!
CLICK HERE to see him again!
Love from Nana & Pops
Her reaction when Ethan said "Nana" the first time!
Hard at work
Ethan, Mommy, & Nana
Love those Bright Brown Eyes!
Snuggles with Pops
Teaching Ethan knock someone's block off...LOL
Loving the fall weather with Daddy!
As you can tell by the pics above we enjoyed a visit with Nana & Pops this homecoming weekend.  Ethan sure did have a good time playing with them and getting all their attention.  We were glad that they were able to make it down to spend this weekend with us.  One good thing about grandparents is that they are just content to sit in the floor and play with their grands.

Our cutie patootie loves music!  But more than that he loves to dance!  This is so cute to me; the first video occurred as we were watching the Dick Van Dyke Show and he started "tapdancing" with the kid on tv.  This second video occurred after he had become a more "polished" dancer.  I just love being a stay at home Mommy to this adorable 14 month old!

At 14 months and 2 weeks old, Ethan is saying Daddy, Momma, Pa (my dad), Nana (my mom), BeBe (Josh's mom), Mema (my grandma), DaeDae (for Daisy our dog), baby, hey, bye bye, ball, bite, no, mmm, and in the process of saying Thank you.  He now eats just about anything, and is approximately 25 pounds.  He is not only dancing but also "singing" into any microphone he can find (his toy or our wii one), and to add an extra dimension to the cuteness when I say "stinky" he waves his hand in front of his nose!  He loves to skype family and talk on the phone.  His favorite room in the house is the bathroom because of all the water. 

Well, that's all for now...check back soon for another adventure with Ethan update!
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