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Prayer Request

Please, remember my Granddaddy (Momma's Daddy) in your prayers.  We found out a week ago today that he has been diagnosed with cancer in his lungs and lymph nodes.  This Wednesday he will be going to have a procedure on his lymph node and another biopsy to diagnose if the cancer is malignant or benign.  We are praying for a good report, but trust that whatever the outcome is God controls all healing.  Whether here on earth or in heaven.

My Granddaddy is the sweetest man you will ever know.  He loves people, loves to joke and laugh, and never meets a stranger!  He is known around NewBern as the Pecan man because of his at home business of selling, cracking, and shelling pecans.  One of my childhood memories of spending time with Granddaddy was sitting on the swing with him as he would sing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot."  While skyping him last week, he sang that same tune to my baby boy. I love you Granddaddy and always will!

Fear Not!

This weekend and Monday are filled with the Halloween theme.  Stores began putting up their spooky displays earlier this summer in hopes of selling much candy and costumes.  There is a "innocent" side to this holiday that many take part in, but if you delve deeper into the history behind All Hallows' Eve this innocence is put on the back burner.  Click here to read more about its origins and superstitions from the History Channel (I do not endorse the entire contents of this site, but they do give a good historical account of Halloween).  This yearly celebration is best noted with ghosts, gobblins, vampires, witches, and other scary creatures.  Yet in our personal lives this is not the only fearful event we encounter.

Other things that may cause us to worry or fear are financial burdens, physical illness, uncertainty of the future, relationship problems; I'm sure that you could fill in the ___________ with your own distress. We all have times in our lives when we ten…


Our church celebrated its 193rd Anniversary on Sunday.  What a sweet celebration of faith, family, and friends.  Bro. Rick Cason, who pastored at Bethany from 1987-1994, delivered the Homecoming message with One Focus Trio bringing the special music.  What a wonderful sight to see the overflow rooms to the side of the auditorium being used as three hundred people were in attendance that blessed day.  As we enjoyed lunch on the grounds my mind replayed fond memories I have of our church family and friends.  Such as my first visit to Florence when Joshua and I were engaged, and I came to chaperone a trip to the circus!  Or a couple months later I visited again for a bridal shower.  Then for our wedding a van load came up to celebrate our special day with us.  While we were on our honeymoon, the "cleaning crew" came in and spruced up our home sweet home!

Senior Meetings to the zoo and the Santee river are definitely fond memories,  along with three junior camp weeks and three t…

Cutie Patootie's Visit with Nana & Pops

CLICK HERE to view cutie patootie dancing! CLICK HERE to see him again! As you can tell by the pics above we enjoyed a visit with Nana & Pops this homecoming weekend.  Ethan sure did have a good time playing with them and getting all their attention.  We were glad that they were able to make it down to spend this weekend with us.  One good thing about grandparents is that they are just content to sit in the floor and play with their grands.

Our cutie patootie loves music!  But more than that he loves to dance!  This is so cute to me; the first video occurred as we were watching the Dick Van Dyke Show and he started "tapdancing" with the kid on tv.  This second video occurred after he had become a more "polished" dancer.  I just love being a stay at home Mommy to this adorable 14 month old!

At 14 months and 2 weeks old, Ethan is saying Daddy, Momma, Pa (my dad), Nana (my mom), BeBe (Josh's mom), Mema (my grandma), DaeDae (for Daisy our dog), baby, hey, bye by…

October Reading & Alabama Visit!

WE just got back from a short and sweet visit with my aunts in Alabama!  I am so glad that Ethan got to meet them and spend a little time with them.  He played with Aunt Connie and Uncle Stan, rocked with Aunt Teresa, and rode Aunt Sheryll's "horsie."  He has also recently started to sit in his rocker here at home and pick out books from the basket beside it and "read" for awhile.  I just love to watch him "read" or read to him. He is such a precious boy!

Annual Santee Trip

Each year our Senior Saints take a trip to the Santee River about an hour from our church.  We always have a great time of fellowship with our church friends and the sweet couple who lets us enjoy their lake house and pier.  KFC chicken is on the menu each year, so we stop in Manning, SC on the way there.
 Ethan was so much fun this year!  He had a great time watching the water and looking for fish!  He also loved watching the colorful wind sock on the pier.