Where were you ten years ago?

Just another day at FCA, or so I thought.  Sitting in Mr. Conlon's Bible class at 9:05am we were having our typical theological debate when Mr. Powell (the church youth pastor) stopped in.  We thought he was going to share an announcement about a youth activity, but what he shared that day had just changed American history.  After he told us about the first plane crash in the World Trade Center, Mr. Conlon got the tv so we could watch the news coverage.  We were not prepared to see a second plane hit only minutes later.

So much has happened since that monumental day in history.  Today September 11, 2011 our country has been forever changed in that decade, entered a War on Terrorism, and security has been heightened.  Our brave men and women in uniform have bravely defended our nation and our freedoms.  Oh the difference one day can make. 

Oh the difference a day can make, when Jesus Christ shed his precious blood on Mt. Calvary.  He defeated death, hell, and the grave.  Praise the Lord that we shall behold him face to face and be able to thank him for his monumental, history changing sacrifice on our behalf.


  1. Yes, Praise the Lord! HE is so good and merciful!

    Love y'alll!

    Aunt Sheryl


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