Sorry this is way overdue!!

Lil' Man is officially walking everywhere he wants to!  It is so cute to see his little legs wobble from here to there and anywhere in the house.  I just love to see him smile as he is making an escape to the kitchen or following his daddy!  What wonderful boys I have in my life!  God is so good; his blessing are far to many to count.

Ethan got a good report from Dr. Tranum a couple weeks ago at his one year checkup.  He is 23 pounds and 28.5 inches long.  That's almost a pound an inch!  He got the chickenpox and mmr shots while we were there, and was a tough boy only crying for a half a minute.  Because he wasn't walking alot before the appointment Dr. Tranum assured us that as long as he was mobile before fifteen months he wouldn't be considered physically delayed.  Wouldn't you know it the very next day Ethan decided to take off all around the house! 

Speaking of take off, I need to go!


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