OM Ships Sale!

All this for $63!!!  Merry Christmas!  LOL

Ethan busy scanning a book with an OMissionary!
 We just got home with the deal of the month!  We discovered this amazing Book warehouse when it was on Irby Street about a year ago.  Much to our dismay, it "closed" a few months back.  Well, last week a member in our church brought us a flyer/coupon for OM Ships semi-annual sale.  We bought all the books in the first picture for only $63! We filled up a huge box full of books for only $30, then additional older/used books were $2, newer books/ Bibles were 50% off.

If you would like to stop by during the sale it only lasts until Saturday, September 3!  So don't delay stop by today!  The address is 781 St. Andrews Road Florence, SC 29501.

WE love that when you purchase a book from OM Ships, the proceeds benefit the ministry of outreach and Christian training along with literature distribution.  Click here to learn more about the ministry of OM Ships International.


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