1 Year Photos of my Lil' Man

Lights, Camera, Action (literally!)...My Lil' Man gave Katina at Wal Mart a run for her money this afternoon as he had his 1 year portraits taken! He behaved very well, other than being extraordinarily mobile.  We chased him around the studio, but all with laughs and smiles :-) 

 Usually, I love Olan Mills, but we were in a time crunch and Picture Me Studios in Wal-Mart returns their portraits in one week instead of two.  So Picture Me! it was...Click here to view my handsome almost one year old Lil' Man.


  1. LOVE these pics! Ethan is getting so big!! We miss you guys so much! Hope to see you soon! Keep up the blogging! I love staying up-to-date with yall! Love ya


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