So Send I You

Christ's words to his disciples resonate loudly in my heart and mind this afternoon.  This morning Missionary Carlisle Hanna and his son Mr. Don spoke at our church during Sunday School and Worship.  The Lord used Bro. Carlisle's humble message to stir my heart and soul.  Christ said to his disciples, "Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you."  Christ was sent into a hurting and sinful world to bind broken hearts, restore health, teach of the Kingdom of God, and lead others to the Father.  This is also our mission as His modern disciples.  We are to be doing the work of God, leading others to a heart knowledge of the Savior wherever, whenever, however, and to whomever He may direct us to.  Whether that be our own neighborhood or across the sea.

Missionary Carlisle Hanna has faithfully served the Lord for more than fifty years in the country of India.  Sunday, he spoke of his mother who would read to him stories of the world, India, and Amy Carmichael.  In his lifetime, he has visited the work of Amy Carmichael, and been used of God to greatly impact the country of India through village evangelism.

A little Hanna History:  Bro. Carlisle accepted the Lord in 1947.  His surrender to God's will came in 1948 as the Lord gave him a burden for India and its millions of souls.  1951-He and his wife Marie were appointed by FWB Missions and left for India the preceding October.  During the course of their ministry they had to be separated as he was involved in evangelism and teaching ministry due to the children's education.  They also aided Christian hostels which were involved in education.

The Hannas have three children Brenda Roach, Donald, and Mark.  The lost their fourth child Sheila, shortly after arrival in India.  Mrs. Marie Hanna went to be with the Lord on April 23, 1998 while ministering in India.  Bro. Hanna continues to serve today.


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