11 months & 3 steps

I'm 11 months old today!!!
Our lil' man is officially 11 months today!  He is such a bubbly and happy baby!  Always wanting a ball, he says it all the time!  The cutest thing is to hear him as he begins to fall asleep for a nap, his last word is ball? like he is asking to play again.  Then he wakes up and says ball! ready to go at it all over again.  He has added uh oh to his vocabulary; anytime he drops something  or just wants to be cute get ready to hear him say uh oh.  He is starting to say baba  (baby) when he looks in the mirror.  He will stand for a few seconds at a time.  Either waiting to be picked up or while drinking from his sippy cup with both hands!

But best of all, Ethan took three steps to his Daddy, and then to me on Thursday night July 7!  Just five days before his eleven month birthday!  Obviously we were thrilled, proud, and I was a bit sad that my baby is not a baby much longer.
One month from now, my baby will officially be a one year old lil' man!  We are busy planning his 1st birthday party.  Theme: Teddy Bears.  Date: Saturday August 13.  Place: Church Fellowship Hall. 

I can't wait to celebrate our handsome, bouncing baby boy, yet I want to hang onto his last month and savor every moment!


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