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11 months & 3 steps

Our lil' man is officially 11 months today!  He is such a bubbly and happy baby!  Always wanting a ball, he says it all the time!  The cutest thing is to hear him as he begins to fall asleep for a nap, his last word is ball? like he is asking to play again.  Then he wakes up and says ball! ready to go at it all over again.  He has added uh oh to his vocabulary; anytime he drops something  or just wants to be cute get ready to hear him say uh oh.  He is starting to say baba  (baby) when he looks in the mirror.  He will stand for a few seconds at a time.  Either waiting to be picked up or while drinking from his sippy cup with both hands!
But best of all, Ethan took three steps to his Daddy, and then to me on Thursday night July 7!  Just five days before his eleven month birthday!  Obviously we were thrilled, proud, and I was a bit sad that my baby is not a baby much longer. One month from now, my baby will officially be a one year old lil' man!  We are busy planning his 1st birth…

So Send I You

Christ's words to his disciples resonate loudly in my heart and mind this afternoon.  This morning Missionary Carlisle Hanna and his son Mr. Don spoke at our church during Sunday School and Worship.  The Lord used Bro. Carlisle's humble message to stir my heart and soul.  Christ said to his disciples, "Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you."  Christ was sent into a hurting and sinful world to bind broken hearts, restore health, teach of the Kingdom of God, and lead others to the Father.  This is also our mission as His modern disciples.  We are to be doing the work of God, leading others to a heart knowledge of the Savior wherever, whenever, however, and to whomever He may direct us to.  Whether that be our own neighborhood or across the sea.

Missionary Carlisle Hanna has faithfully served the Lord for more than fifty years in the country of India.  Sunday, he spoke of his mother who would read to him stories of the world, India, and Amy Car…

Ethan's 1st Independence Day

Yesterday was a day of rest and reflection at the Horton home.  After traveling most of the month of June it was nice to stay at home and enjoy our time together.  Last night our church sponsored a 4th of July family picnic with games, a dunking booth, bounce house, and fireworks!  It was so much fun!  Ethan did enjoy the fireworks after the first three booms.  After a couple minutes of figuring out that everything was ok, he just looked up to the sky in awe.  How precious it was to see him safe in his Daddy's arms enjoying the show.
We are very thankful to our service men and women who put their lives on the line every day so that we can enjoy many freedoms.  Kaitlyn, one of our girls at church, has been in my thoughts frequently this week as I think about freedom.  To her family, the cost is very expensive.  He daddy is serving in Iraq and this is his fifth tour.  Please, keep the Paige family in your prayers as well as all of our heroes who sacrifice precious family time …

Harvest Time Bible Camp

We had an awesome week at Harvest time Bible Camp! How exciting it is to know that God spoke to hearts and changed the lives of six of our young people who followed Him and accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, and are now anticipating Believer's Baptism.

Our kids also enjoyed many fun activities like horseback riding, paddle boating, archery, craft making, swimming, playing games, and much more.  They had three times of Bible teaching/ preaching each day, and cabin devotions at night.  It was obvious that they were enjoying themselves and using every ounce of energy when some of them looked forward to an hour nap each afternoon :) 

Ethan went with us to camp and had a great time.  He pet a horse for the first time, enjoyed a swing, played with precious Naomi Brackeen, and received lots of attention from the campers.  By Thursday he was ready to come home, but he was just super all week!  I just love my lil' man!