First Father's Day

There's nothing in the world like a Father's love.  Just observing the bond my boys share is an illustration of that.  What is a Father?  He is one who loves, provides, protects, teaches, trains, and has fun with his children and so much more.  I just love to watch Joshua and Ethan get in the floor and play.

Or explore outside,

Then enjoy some snuggle time.  Happy First Father's Day, Joshua!  You are an amazing husband and Daddy!  I love you so much and know that Ethan does too!

Just as our earthly Father's are there to love, provide, protect, teach, and train us; our Heavenly Father does all this and so much more. 

I was thinking back on my own childhood memories this morning as I ate a biscuit with some Alabama Eagle Syrup.  Memories of me and my daddy "sopping" our biscuits many school mornings came flooding back.  Watching Saturday morning cartoons in his lap while eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, playing games, wrestling, family vacations, sitting in his classes while he brought history to life, and shopping are just some of the other special memories we share. 
 But I'll never forget sitting in family devotions and hearing him "preach" each night; this makes me look forward to the day when we can sit together with Ethan and have family devotions with him.  Thank you for a godly heritage to follow after.  I love you, Daddy.


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