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Day with the Dorrel Ladies

Ethan and I enjoyed a fun lunch and shopping trip with Chrystal and Autumn Joy Dorrel on Tuesday.  We just love these precious ladies and always have a great time with them.

Swimming Fun with Anna Grace

It was so much fun to see Ethan have a swimming buddy for the first time, and he just adores Anna Grace!  It was her first time swimming.  Just look at her adorable face in the first photo; I think she liked it!
 They seemed to have a great time playing and splashing in the water, until we brought out the picnic.  Then they made it their purpose to get to the food!  It was so cute.  We finally decided to bring the picnic inside and dry the kiddos off so they could play while we ate.

On a side note, photo editing and arranging has become a new hobby for me.  I just love playing with photos!  And who wouldn't when the subjects are this cute!

Family Visit

We enjoyed a good visit with Pops, Mimmi, and Auntie Bec this weekend. Ethan and Pops wrestled, and it looked like Ethan might win!  He enjoyed eating fresh fruit on top of Pops.  Playing on the floor with Mimmi!  And swimming in his new pool!
 He just loves to clap and splash!

Nine Month Portraits!


Mother's Day Visit

We had a great visit with Granny Bebe, Uncle Lij, and Aunt Maranatha this weekend!  On Saturday, the boys played basketball at a sister church's gym for a couple hours.  While Ethan and the girls took a ride around Lake City and did a little shopping!  We enjoyed some of the Nascar race craze at Wal-Mart and stopped for a picture and free t-shirt.  When we got back home, little man was worn out so he and Granny Bebe had some cuddle time.  After an hour nap he was ready to go at turbo speed! He is so fast at pulling up and moving down the couch!  He started sticking his tongue out on Sunday!  We are so glad for the time God allows us to share with our families!

One Special Love

Happy Mother's Day from the Hortons! "Mother, I've watched you since I was old enough to see
That someday I'd be like you and someone will be watching me.
For though I know youre human, you don't seem that way to me
If I was granted one wish, it's like you I'd want to be.
 And it takes two special people with one special love,
For a Mother and a daughter that's what close friends are made of
God gave us a purpose and a lifetime to see
Why we should be so thankful that he gave you to me!"

Momma and I sang this song a couple times at different mother daughter banquets.  Today, I'm living that first verse, and seeing those two little eyes look at me like I look at my Momma.  I'm thankful for my Mother and friend!  She is a special lady who has made many sacrifices for her family.  I never fully understood her love like I do now.  Thank you, Lord, for my Mother.