Ethan's Update

Hi everyone! I have had a busy past couple of weeks doing lots of big boy stuff! I started clapping the end of March to music and now I can clap whenever I need to! I especially clap when Mommy or Daddy say "Yay! Good job!" Last Sunday, I said my first word, "Mama."
Then on Wednesday, I pulled up in my crib.On Friday, we went to dinner with the Postlewaite's, and afterward pretty Anna Grace and her mommy came back so we babies could play. Our daddies had a FWB meeting to go to.This Sunday I said my second word, "Dada!" I'm still trying to crawl, but I know it's going to be soon! Then I can get into everything! Yay!I also had some special visitors this weekend who got to see my new big boy stuff and hear me say my second word! I really enjoyed playing in the floor with Pops & Mimi, eating grapes, and playing my little piano. We have such a good time together!

Much love, Ethan


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