A Day with Ethan!

Just wanted to share with you what a typical day in the life of Ethan Nathanael is like.
Wakes up and ready to greet the world around 7:30 am. I love this time to snuggle with him and let him crawl up to the mirror on our headboard and just smile at his reflection.
Then he will play with some toys and crawl around the living room until his breakfast is ready.
He normally has a fruit and some oatmeal, then a couple ounces of milk to wash it down.
Now he is ready to play while Mommy and Daddy have their breakfast.Daddy leaves for the church at 8:58am since we live so close, he can walk. Ethan and I stand at the door and wave goodbye.
Then we will sit on the couch with a book, or play on the floor for a little while, or until I can tell he's ready for his first nap.Between 9:30 and 10am, he's enjoying his first snooze which will last an one and a half or two hours.

After nap, he's ready for a bottle, and it's also time to get lunch going. Daddy will be home for an hour lunch about 12:15pm. We are so blessed to eat together each day! Daddy will come home and gets to spend some quality time with Ethan!After playing a little more, he's ready for snooze two which lasts about as long as the first. Mommy tries to get some dishes done and clothes washed while little man naps. If it's a cat nap, we are out of luck.When he wakes up around 4pm , it's another bottle, book time, and play time. Sometimes we visit the bus route with Daddy.He has his veggie, and lately we have given him baby food mac & cheese. Then he plays some more. As you can see, it's a repetitive schedule, that is baby led, but the structure is nice. This gets gladly interrupted on Sunday (church day), Monday (Daddy's day off) and Thursday (Errand day)! We are so blessed to have an easy going boy!Monday he made a friend at the Hibachi Grill!

*This was especially for Ethan's grandparents and great grandparents. Maybe you will feel like you have spent a little time with Ethan while reading about his day! We love you!


  1. Thank you so much for entering the Giveaway! Your son is SO cute! Great looking family! May God bless you and yours abundantly! :)


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