Survivin' and Thrivin' at 25!

My husband turns a quarter of a century today. So in honor of this momentous occasion in Horton History, I am listing twenty-five things I appreciate and reasons I love him!

1. Dedicated, sold out Christian
2. He's my best friend3. Wonderful, attentive Daddy4. Passion for studying & teaching God's Word5. Heart for missions
6. Love for people7. Makes others laugh
8. His impersonations9. Giving Spirit
10. Willing to attempt anything once (plumber, electrician, mechanic)
11. Creativity
12. Seeks to meet others needs
13. Concern for animals
14. Talent of cooking15. His visionary goals
16. Childlike faith
17. Plays the guitar & sings18. Gives 110% to each task
19. Praises God for successes20. Computer & tech knowledge21. Loyalty
22. Treats me like a princess
23. Desire to continue learning
24. Respectful
25. His new mustacheThere are many other things I could have listed, and these are not in a specific order. You are such a blessing to me and our family! I am so glad that I am privileged to walk life's journey by your side! I am loving each day of being married to you and watching God work in and through you! I am excited about His future plans for our life together! I love you, Darling! Happy 25th Birthday!


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