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I Love my Sunday School Class!

K-5 & First Grade Class

I just took spring pictures of my kids in Sunday School, and they are just too cute not to share! Planning on using them for a bulletin board in our classroom! I am privileged to teach the five and six year olds alongside Mrs. Jewell Langston each Sunday morning! We average four little princes and occasionally a princess!

They are so full of life and energy! And kids really do say the funniest things! As we were riding down the road, with our van route on Sunday, one of my kids saw Adam from church walking out to his truck. The kids were so cute saying "Look! There's big Adam from church!" But one of them said, "No you 'foo'! That's not Adam!" Maybe it was just me, but it definitely had me laughing! I just love our kids!
One more funny story, we talked about Jonah and the whale a couple of months ago. About two weeks ago we were talking about Jesus and the woman at the well. When I asked who knew what a well was…

Knights of Chilvary

We are so proud of our teens for their hard work!
Sir Handsomelot Horton
Rescuing Princess Sweetie Angel
Prince Ethan with Daddy & Mommy

Just a few photos from our Agape Banquet! Check out our youth group blog for more details and pictures of our awesome teens and adult helpers. We are so proud of our teens that helped serve! They did a fantastic job!

The next day we took the teenagers bowling as a reward for helping with the banquet. We especially appreciate Bro. Jackie providing the pizza too!
As "icing on the cake" here are a few fun recent ones of Ethan!
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NC Birthday Visit

I love my honey!

On the 12th we took a trip to North Carolina to celebrate Joshua's birthday with our families. On Friday night we enjoyed a great dinner with my parents and grandparents in Goldsboro, and Joshua and Ethan got several gifts for their birthdays (Ethan was 7 months). Then on Saturday, we spent the day with family and friends in Kinston.

Our moms prepared our favorite foods- steak, potatos, salad, pecan and chocolate pies- homemade pizza, tacos, dirt cake, and strawberry cake. YUMMY! I think we came back a few pounds heavier. We not only enjoyed the food, but the weather while we were there! It was so nice to enjoy the dogwood blossoms and the clear skies.

Survivin' and Thrivin' at 25!

My husband turns a quarter of a century today. So in honor of this momentous occasion in Horton History, I am listing twenty-five things I appreciate and reasons I love him!

1. Dedicated, sold out Christian
2. He's my best friend3. Wonderful, attentive Daddy4. Passion for studying & teaching God's Word5. Heart for missions 6. Love for people7. Makes others laugh 8. His impersonations9. Giving Spirit
10. Willing to attempt anything once (plumber, electrician, mechanic)
11. Creativity
12. Seeks to meet others needs
13. Concern for animals
14. Talent of cooking15. His visionary goals
16. Childlike faith
17. Plays the guitar & sings18. Gives 110% to each task
19. Praises God for successes20. Computer & tech knowledge21. Loyalty
22. Treats me like a princess
23. Desire to continue learning
24. Respectful
25. His new mustacheThere are many other things I could have listed, and these are not in a specific order. You are such a blessing to me and our family! I am so glad that I am priv…