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It is a sad day when two men and a baby "grace" the cover of Us Weekly magazine, which appears on news stands in almost every supermarket and gas station with no regard for children passing by.(read it here) As Joshua and I read the article, we became outraged...well I will not steal his thunder. Since my husband is a therapeutic writer at times, he released some steam in this letter to the Florence Morning News Editor. I am so proud of my husband standing up for right. The Voiceless must be heard, and we must be their voice. Please, pray that this letter will cause other Christians to become outraged that the wordless ones' innocence is not being protected.

This Side of Controversy

Not long ago I read an article concerning the Us Weekly magazine and its cover of Elton John, his “buddy”, and new baby. The writer revealed the growing controversy that swept over a Supermarket simply for putting a “Family Shield” sleeve over the front of the magazine,
because of concerns from various customers. Finding the protective sleeve offensive and vehemently tossing aside the wishes of certain families, Mrs. Jane Doe went to action making sure that the injustice to Elton’s beautiful picture was “righted.” Thus, justice would be
done for this multimillionaire and the world would be placated once more from the pernicious “do-rights” of society. Mrs. Jane Doe and others then gloated about the precious victory they had won.

To say the least, it is quite amusing. Yet, to say the whole truth, it is also quite disgusting. Someone has taken upon themselves to single handedly raise a storm of fury over this minute issue, yet one of America’s greatest problems is scarcely raised as anything short of the “power of choice.” I am speaking of Abortion. How sad so many people will vindicate themselves by speaking out for men who love…..well, men (The same goes for women). A matter that even nature itself dare not support.

Yet, some (not all) of the very same people will scream and scamper for “women’s rights” in the matter of killing their babi…..sorry, fetuses. This sounds more kosher, correct? For those Americans, I say, go ahead and fume over the intolerance of others simply for their concern to raise their child in a NATURAL way, not having to worry about their kids asking how come they don’t get two dads. My concerns will not be so petty. A Multimillionaire can stand up for himself. I stand for the voices that can’t be heard, the soft hands that will never feel the wonder of a mother’s love, and the precious eyes that will never see the beauty of God’s creation. Where are the people that say no to this vicious injustice? Please, vindicate yourselves.

Awaiting a raging reply from someone who seeks to right the wrong of this “unjust” letter……~JH


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