"O Christmas Tree..."

O Christmas tree O Christmas tree, We put you up for our baby.
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree You are a great memory!
Ethan just loves looking at your lights
That glow and gleam all night!
O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, you shine so brightly.I'm in the Christmas spirit quite earlly this year! I've already been playing carols for a week and a half. This week when we went to the mall, the decorating bug bit me as I saw the Santa display in the center and Christmas trees in the department store. So on Monday night, Josh set up our Christmas tree and helped me decorate it!
I'm so excited about celebrating our Ethan's first Christmas! It's going to be so much fun celebrating with him and making memories with him. He is just a gem! After putting the lights on the tree; he just stared and smiled at them! I just can't wait for Christmas!!! But we'll enjoy Thanksgiving first!


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