Baby's First Christmas Cards!

On our second Christmas, Joshua and I are so excited about celebrating Ethan's first Christmas! In commemoration of the season we are going to send out Christmas photo cards! With an extensive Christmas card list for out of town family and friends, we are planning on using shutterfly's Christmas cards this year!

They have a great selection of Christmas cards (to view click HERE) for any budget with a wide variety of styles. In addition to Christmas cards, they have calendars, personalized coffee mugs, and many other great gifts for anyone on your Christmas list.I can tell you from experience that shutterfly offers quick and reliable service with wonderful products. Since Ethan was born in August, I have used them for most of my photo printing needs, and have been thoroughly satisified each time!

And as icing on the "fruit cake," bloggers can receive 50 free photo cards! CLICK HERE


  1. What a beautiful family! These are GREAT pictures! Ethan is so adorable!

  2. Thank you! God is so good is all I can say! You are all in our thoughts and prayers. May God's peace bring you continual comfort and joy.


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