Two Months Old & Horton Family Visit

Two months old!!! My baby boy is two months old today!!! Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been but a couple weeks since we brought him home from the hospital, yet he doesn't even look like the same baby we brought home when I look at pictures. He has grown so much and seems to be passing milestones too! We are enjoying his precious smiles and coos now! He has great neck control, and a good hand grip too. I love to see his head turn or his eyes light up when his Daddy and I are talking to him. What a blessing children are! The Bible tells us that! Lo, children are an heretige of the Lord...

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Ethan has been soaking up the attention from family visits this past month! We have enjoyed each one who has come to visit! This past weekend we have enjoyed a visit from Grandpa Will (Joshua's Dad), Granny Bebe, Uncle Lij, & Auntie Maranatha. This was Ethan's first time to meet Grandpa Will who lives in Pennsylvania. We are so glad he was able to get time off to come down to visit. Granny Bebe loves a camera, of any kind, and loves to take pictures. Here are just a few of the ones she took this weekend.


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