Seven weeks old!

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Thursday Ethan turned seven weeks old-mommy's baby is growing too fast! We've had a great time this week watching him smile and laugh. This morning he was batting his little hands at the tigger and pooh toys that hang from his swing, and it was so cute!

Auntie Bec surprised us with a visit yesterday for a few hours! Ethan just loves his auntie; they shared a nap time, watched a movie, and ate together. It was so good to see her- this is the second time she's seen Ethan. He's grown alot since the last time. Well, it seems like I've had a chance to blog a little bit more this week than I have all month. I really enjoy posting what is going on with our little boy; he is such a joy and blessing from God. Well, his nap is over for now, so we'll have to continue this later...


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