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Ethan's Columbia Adventure

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Here are just a few pictures from our trip to Columbia with the teens last weekend, and three from this week. Ethan does so well traveling; Joshua & I are so blessed with our precious baby boy!

Ethan's first Corn Maze

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We had a great time this weekend at Willard Farms with our juniors and a couple of their parents. Here are just a few pictures from this weekend and some from earlier this month.

Happy Birthday, Maye!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Maye & Granny Bebe! Happy Birthday to you!!! We love you and want to wish you a wonderful and blessed day full of joy!

Describing Maye in a few words is a difficult task. (1) She loves her family, especially her children! I'm so grateful for how she raised my wonderful husband and taught him the importance of a heavenly father. (2)She is very genuine. She lets you know how she's feeling and doesn't mind sharing her thoughts and time. (3) She is a hard worker. Providing for her three children and making sure there needs were supplied must have gotten difficult at times, but she never gave up.
Happy birthday, Maye & Granny Bebe! We love you.

Loving Life with My Boys!

Daddy & Ethan

I love living life with my boys! Ethan is so much fun!!!! He is "talking" (cooing) alot now, and it's the cutest thing you ever did see!! My husband is such a wonderful Daddy to our baby boy. Ethan just adores his Daddy; he knows his voice and tries to find him when he hears it. I adore his daddy too, I am so blessed with such an amazing husband!
On October 12, 2010 Ethan turned two months old. He had his checkup that week and did really well when he got his shots. Weighing 9 lbs and 10 oz, he measured 22 inches long.
Sweet Smiles are something I get to look forward to each morning.
Mommy's Sweetheart

Two Months Old & Horton Family Visit

Two months old!!! My baby boy is two months old today!!! Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been but a couple weeks since we brought him home from the hospital, yet he doesn't even look like the same baby we brought home when I look at pictures. He has grown so much and seems to be passing milestones too! We are enjoying his precious smiles and coos now! He has great neck control, and a good hand grip too. I love to see his head turn or his eyes light up when his Daddy and I are talking to him. What a blessing children are! The Bible tells us that! Lo, children are an heretige of the Lord...

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Ethan has been soaking up the attention from family visits this past month! We have enjoyed each one who has come to visit! This past weekend we have enjoyed a visit from Grandpa Will (Joshua's Dad), Granny Bebe, Uncle Lij, & Auntie Maranatha. This was Ethan's first time to meet Grandpa Will who lives in Pennsylvania. We are so gla…

Seven weeks old!

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Thursday Ethan turned seven weeks old-mommy's baby is growing too fast! We've had a great time this week watching him smile and laugh. This morning he was batting his little hands at the tigger and pooh toys that hang from his swing, and it was so cute!

Auntie Bec surprised us with a visit yesterday for a few hours! Ethan just loves his auntie; they shared a nap time, watched a movie, and ate together. It was so good to see her- this is the second time she's seen Ethan. He's grown alot since the last time. Well, it seems like I've had a chance to blog a little bit more this week than I have all month. I really enjoy posting what is going on with our little boy; he is such a joy and blessing from God. Well, his nap is over for now, so we'll have to continue this later...