September Update

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Wow, where has this month gone? Ethan is officially six weeks old and seems to be growing quicker each day. *Sniff, sniff* He took his first visits to the Nascar Speedpark in Myrtle Beach with our teens, the Santee river with our senior saints, and the skating rink with our juniors this month. He also began smiling and laughing (or at least we think he is) which is just the cutest thing in the world. I love it when he just wakes up in the morning, his smiling eyes (and now mouth) just melt my heart!He had two doctors appointment this month the first was to find out what to do about constipation he had been having for a few days. The doctor was not even phased by the constipation, but rather the fact that he had stayed at 6 pounds and 8 ounces for two weeks. So he prescribed that we supplement with formula and give Ethan a suppository. That night we saw the results of the suppository, I have never been so excited to change a stinky diaper. The next week when I took him to a lactation specialist to see if there was something I could be doing to increase my milk supply for him. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to supplement with formula in the future, but we saw the benefits of the formula and discovered that Ethan had gained 1 pound and 4 ounces in one week! God is so Good!!!

This month we have had visits from Mimmi and Pops, Memaw and Granddaddy, Michael and Sarah Ellis, Blake and Jessica Coghill, and several church friends. Ethan has enjoyed being held and rocked alot by our dear friends and family. We also had the opportunity to celebrate the Preacher's 7oth birthday at church tonight.

I just love sharing these fun memories with Ethan. Being a wife and a mommy is such a JOY! Thank you Lord for these wonderful blessings you have given to me! We are looking forward to a busy October with the Missions Rally starting off a fun filled month this Saturday! We'll keep you posted with pictures of Ethan's firsts. I'll also be adding more pictures to this post when I get my camera back (silly me left it at the Santee, but thankfully the sweet lady will be coming to Florence in the near future to give it to me, and Momma let me borrow her backup).


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