Seven days to go and He's still hanging in there...

After our thirty-nine week prenatal appointment, I'm doubting Ethan will be appearing early. Dr. McDaniel set another appointment for next Wednesday, so it's looking like we are on the same page. We got a good report, and she said that Ethan appears to weigh six and a half pounds (we're hoping his weight stays in that ballpark). His heart rate was again the most beautiful sound to our ears with 130 bpm. So at this point, it looks like I'll be counting down the days until our due date. Next week we'll discuss delivery options with Dr. McDaniel. And I'm still hoping and praying that we might not make it to that appointment because Ethan will surprise us a few days early!

I'm past the point of wanting to post pictures of my "whale" sized baby "bump," but here's a sweet picture of Joshua holding Anna Grace Postlewaite a couple of weeks ago. She is just a doll! And I know that he is going to be such a wonderful Daddy. He is so good with children, and watching him hold Anna Grace was precious.


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