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First Sunday at Church

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Two Weeks Old

Too cute in polo
Ethan is two weeks & one day old today! Yesterday, he had his two week checkup & Dr. Keith said that he was just perfect (to which I completely agree). Thankfully, no needles were pulled out, just weight, length, & vitals checked. Ethan now weighs 7 pounds, but we were reassured that he should be back to birth weight in a week or two.

He is changing everyday! His sweet eyelashes are growing; hair is appearing on his ears; and his little nose is lengthening. He has just about outgrown his newborn socks, and becomes more alert each day! We have really enjoyed visits with family and friends! Thank you for all the well wishes, gifts, cards, cakes, and meals.

Daddy's Day off!

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We definitely enjoyed Daddy's day off yesterday! So much fun to just sit back and relax with him. He & Mommy read to me, played with Daisy and me, and was so sweet to help Mommy around the house!!! I hope I am just like my Daddy one day: He is the BEST!!!
Ethan (& Mommy)

A Prayer for Ethan

As I hold the precious gift God has given to Joshua and I, I can't help but lift him up to the Lord in prayer. I was looking up Mommy songs and lullabies on YouTube and this is one of my favorites. At the end is a prayer that I hope to make a part of my daily talk with the Lord.

Celebrating Ethan's One Week Birthday

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Our baby boy was ONE WEEK OLD yesterday! And what a week it has been. We checked into the hospital last Wednesday afternoon, after finding his amniotic fluid was low at a Doctor's appointment that morning. We were given a little jump start into labor that night, and induced on Thursday at 6 am. After while, Dr. Coker decided that Ethan must be delivered quickly and we had a C-Section. He was born at 11:09 am, on August 12, weighing 7 pounds and 12 ounces!

We enjoyed introducing him to family and friends at the hospital Thursday afternoon and Friday. We were so glad that both of our families were able to be with us for his arrival. We were discharged from the hospital on Saturday around noon, and Ethan did very well for his first car seat ride!

After a couple days at home, Mimmi came down for a few days to help us recuperate and rejuvenate. We have enjoyed having her visit and spoil Ethan. She has been a blessing as she has helped aro…

Our Miracle has Arrived!

Announcing the birth of Ethan Nathanael Horton.
Born Thursday, August 12 at 11:09 am.
Weighing 7 pounds and 12 ounces.
We praise the Lord for the blessing He has given to us! Dr. Daddy is on duty
Definitely inherited Daddy"s feet!
Resting angel
Getting cleaned up Eagerly waiting to meet Ethan.Dr. Steven Coker delivered Ethan.Horton Family PhotoBright EyesMommy & Ethan

Seven days to go and He's still hanging in there...

After our thirty-nine week prenatal appointment, I'm doubting Ethan will be appearing early. Dr. McDaniel set another appointment for next Wednesday, so it's looking like we are on the same page. We got a good report, and she said that Ethan appears to weigh six and a half pounds (we're hoping his weight stays in that ballpark). His heart rate was again the most beautiful sound to our ears with 130 bpm. So at this point, it looks like I'll be counting down the days until our due date. Next week we'll discuss delivery options with Dr. McDaniel. And I'm still hoping and praying that we might not make it to that appointment because Ethan will surprise us a few days early!

I'm past the point of wanting to post pictures of my "whale" sized baby "bump," but here's a sweet picture of Joshua holding Anna Grace Postlewaite a couple of weeks ago. She is just a doll! And I know that he is going to be such a wonderful Daddy. He is so go…